A Mind Set for Change

In a recent blog post I talked about a practical, purposeful attitude and how you can benefit from thinking about your attitude and if you don’t like the one you have, how to move to one that is more productive. This practical, purposeful attitude is personal to you based on your reality and values.  In this post, I will describe a mindset for change.  What I’ve noticed from observing my life and that of my clients is that success in making life changes is increased by a certain mindset.  This mindset usually comes from being trapped in unhelpful patterns – thoughts, feeling, actions – that keep producing results that leave us confused, sad, mad, or disheartened.  The ready-for-change mindset is like this:  You’re determined, You’ve had enough, and You’re ready to learn

If this is you – keep reading because we are going to unpack these ideas and show you that this mindset is a great place to start.  And so we are all on the same page – a mindset is an set of attitudes held by someone (Oxford Languages dictionary).

You’re Determined

According to the Collins dictionary: “Determination is the quality that you show when you have decided to do something, and you will not let anything stop you”.  Determination allows us to stay focused and moving forward when we encounter inevitable setbacks, slow progress, and uncomfortable challenges.  We need it to be able to meet challenges that are brought about by the process of change.  When determination is on-board, we can see difficulty and failure as important information rather than a reason to quit – this is a condition for success.  Without determination it will be difficult to take the right actions – to start doing the things we need to start doing, stop doing things that are not useful, do more of some things and less of others.  Take a minute to write a statement of your determination; it could be written as an intention.

You’ve Had Enough

We have all been in that place where our patience is run out, or we are tired of the excuses, or we can no longer say “we just didn’t know”.  When we’ve “had enough” we can’t hide any longer; and more importantly we don’t want to.  You are ready to take a stand for yourself, or your family or your life.  Take a minute and write down the answer to the question: What have you had enough of? 

You’re Ready to Learn

This attitude is important in the change process because you will be entering into territory that is unfamiliar.  Knowing ahead of time that you need to gather new information, think in new ways, be willing to take on new behaviors will help to move forward more quickly.  Being ready to learn means that you are willing to stand in a place of not knowing and to keep an open mind.  Some we call this “beginners mind”.  This attitude can be difficult for accomplished adults, but we are not asking you to abandon your resources and experience.  Rather we are suggesting that you use your existing skills in new ways, use your ability to learn, and your wisdom to be open to new thoughts. Take a few minutes and get creative.  Write a four- line poem or make a sketch that reflects your willingness to be ready to learn. Go ahead – it’s okay to have some fun. 

Everything You Need Is Within Your Grasp

The other thing that important to know at the beginning stages of change is that everything you need is within your grasp.  Taking on the mindset that everything you needs is within your grasp will help you to look for the resources and skills that you need to make the changes you are looking for. Knowing that everything you needs is within your grasp means that you know you can take the next available, doable step whether it’s a big step or a small one. Even if your next available step is to ask for help, or up-level your training. You remember that you’re determined, you’ve had enough, you’re ready to learn and you take that next action that is within your grasp. Make a sticky note that says: “Everything that I need is within my grasp” and put it somewhere you will see it every day to remind you to take next available step.  A practical attitude about change can make the journey much easier and maybe sometimes even fun. 

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