Judy Sugg, Phd

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jim is amazing – – He has so many skills, and so much insight. Change requires less work with Jim – – Highly Recommended

Jack Canfield

Author and Speaker, CEO Canfield Training Group

I want people to walk away from this interview not just knowing about you , but saying: “I would like to work with that guy. He could help me. Because I think your that good.

Dr. Erin Weaver

Physician, Center for Natural Medicine; and Medical Director, ChangeWorks Institute

What if you could stop struggling and do five years worth of personal work in five months’ time? That’s what self-directed change did for me – I highly recommend it. If there was one thing I could have every patient I see in practice do – or every person I meet – to positively impact lifelong health and well being, it would be this. It’s that much of a game changer.

Kaia Brunso

Speaking Confidence Client

At the end of my 8th grade year, I had to present a speech to my entire school.  I was overwhelmingly nervous, so my mom took me to see Jim.  He talked me through it and I left the appointment feeling great. The speech went better than I ever thought it could. Thanks Jim!

Todd Crosby

Founding Director, Cravedog Inc.

If you’re ready to make those changes or address those problems you’ve been bottling up, I can say I recommend Jim highly enough to have confidence he can help anyone willing to listen, learn, develop by coming into awareness, and change. Do yourself a favor, jump through that door of change and start living again. Thanks Jim, you truly are a godsend, my life is so much better now and I know it’s only going to get better with your continued support and guidance.

Barbara Cerullo

Certified Life Coach/Enneagram Coach/ThePathForward.com

If you have the opportunity to work with Jim, you will be most pleasantly rewarded! Jim brings the qualities of compassion, understanding, experience, and wisdom into each session. His intuition reveals gentle guidance into potential obstacles you may be dealing with. His ability to communicate clearly to the heart of your focus will be a gift in helping you achieve new perspectives and encouragement for your journey. His decisive and proactive mindset aide in bringing clarity and results in moving forward to achieve your target outcome. Jim’s motivation for entering a coaching relationship with you is a heartfelt desire to be your champion. You know that person that causes you to feel you are the most important person to them in that moment…well, that’s Jim!”

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