ChangeWorks Institute

Jim Kelley, Director

Certified Coach & Creator of the Self-Directed ChangeWork Method

We are here to coach you through the inevitable process of change – and to successfully make the changes you want and need – so your life is easier, less difficult, more pleasant. 

Think about this:  If everything were easier and more fun would that be okay?

Stress, habit control, expectations, and setbacks can all be easier to manage. Our goal is to give you the tools and skills you need to feel more stable, confident, and successful as you navigate change. 

Discover the surprising power of the Self-Directed ChangeWork Method, combining time-tested coaching models that get better results faster.

Explore the structure of your experience, master the mechanics of change, and take your personal skills to a whole new level. 

Our approach to personal change management, life coaching, habit control, and communication skills coaching will help you find your way.  Let’s connect! To learn more about what we can do together, schedule a free visit with the Director of ChangeWorks, Jim Kelley.